Broncos join the Raiders

A newcomer to Sportklub CEFL, Calanda Broncos played host to Kragujevac Wild Boars in the final game of the Eastern Conference. In a hard-fought contest, the home team has captured a much needed win, placing in the Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV, alongside Swarco Raiders Tirol.

Wild Boars have opened the game with the ball in their possession. They can’t break new ground and need to punt. An overhead snap ends up in their end zone but the punter recovers the ball and manages a kick.

Broncos take over and have no trouble moving the chains. Running back Steffen Haenelt is left unguarded on a wheel route and Conner Manning hits him for first points, 7-0.

Wild Boars wake up when they get the ball back. Jacob Sisson locates his receivers downfield but they stop near the red zone. Field goal try for 40 yards goes wide right.

Manning connects with Adrian Sünderhauf deep in the visitors’ territory for big yards. He caps it off lobbing the ball to Lukas Lütscher on a corner route in the end zone for 14-0.

During the Wild Boars next series Sisson continues with precision passes. His pass directed at the back left pylon is hauled in by Filip Nedeljković who lowers the score to 14-7.

Maxwell Gray returns the ensuing kickoff to opposing 39 yard line. Severin Murk snags a pass to get his team within range and Haenelt breaks in for 21-7.

Serbian team keeps up with their game plan, crossing the distance with short passes. As they get close, Baumann Dea intercepts Sisson near the goal line. Teams trade punts and the time for first half expires.

After the intermission, Broncos’ RB Tino Muggwyler gets the ball, but Dušan Nikolić strips it from him and Milorad Novaković recovers. Their offense is less effective and has to punt.

Home team has their backs pinned against the goal line again. Manning throws to Adrian Sünderhauf in stride, and he can’t get a handle on the ball, but the trailing DB Stefan Borković does.

When his team’s offensive unit gets on the field, Sisson links up with RB Nick LaSane for 72 yards to lower the gap to single digits again, 21-14.

The Broncos answer over Gray who sprints past his defender on a go route. Manning’s lob catches up to him in the end zone for another touchdown, 28-14.

When the visiting team gets the ball back Petar Goić grabs a long distance pass. Sisson takes it in himself to bring the points difference back to within a single possession, 28-20.

The Swiss are quick to answer over Murk, who beat his defender on the line of scrimmage and Manning drops it right in his basket to raise the bar to 35-20.

When the Wild Boars take over near their goal line Sisson is chased back to the end zone. With no open receivers, he commits intentional grounding and his team is penalized with a safety, 37-20.

Broncos’ next series is unsuccessful and the visitors have another go. Sisson dials up Goić and Nedeljković before LaSane powers through for a 3 yard touchdown, 37-27.

With the clock winding down, the visitors opt for the onside kick and Lazar Nikolić comes up with the ball at the bottom of the pile.

Stefan Đurić is on the receiving end of Sisson’s pass and after a few defensive penalties their team is in front of pay dirt. As time expires Sisson pins Goić in the end zone for the final score 37-33.

The game MVP is DB Max Gray who takes home the Xenith trophy helmet.