CEFL announces schedule and CEFL Cup

photo: CEFL

Starting from 2013, the CEFL will consist of seven teams – and two competitions. The league announced the formation of the CEFL Cup, in which two teams will take part this year: the Cineplexx Blue Devils of Austria and the Belgrade Blue Dragons of Serbia.

The other five teams – Silverhawks, SBB Vukovi, Patriots, Mozzart Wild Boars and Wolves – will start to play in mid-March and will take part in the regular season. The league champion will be decided among these teams in the late June and July playoffs. The driving force behind the league forming the new competition is the desire to include teams that want to participate but lack free weekend slots or are promising, but currently lack the quality to match up with the CEFL main group teams. It is planned that, in the future, teams would have access to the CEFL playoffs through winning the CEFL Cup.

During the annual league meeting, among other things, the new schedule was completed and you can see it on our website. The CEFL will also continue the cooperation with the Sportklub channel network and air even more games live from all CEFL countries through Sportklub network, in nine different countries.

The 2013 season will start on the 16th of March with the first leg of the Cup between the Blue Devils and the Blue Dragons. The first league games will take place on the weekend that will follow: the SBB Vukovi will host the Patriots and the Wolves will host the Mozzart Wild Boars. The league champions, the Silverhawks, start their season on the 6th of April, visiting the Patriots in Zagreb.

With the Silverhawks breaking the SBB Vukovi’s long standing domination last year and the league for the second time being joined by the Wild Boars, a high quality Serbian team, the 2013 season promises to be one of the best and most competitive ever. The Wild Boars won the league in 2006 and had plenty of success in the meantime, domestically and internationally, even reaching the EFAF Cup final in 2010.