CEFL Championship Recap: Badalona Dracs vs Flash de La Courneuve


Badalona Dracs00077Loss
Flash de La Courneuve14772149Win

First play of the game after kickoff return is a touchdown when the defense lets a receiver get behind their backs for a 61 yards score.

Flash: Conor Miller pass to Steve Delaval, PAT is good, 0-7

Dracs’ drive sputters and the Flash take to ball again. Miller finds Stéphane Fortes for a 1st down and then their speedy running back finishes the remaining 54 yards for another touchdown.

Flash: Guillaume Buquet rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 0-14

Home team’s signal caller Sergi Gonzalo answers with a rainbow to Raul Cernuda for 30 yards. Two penalties by Flash push them forward to opposing 24 yard line where they go 4 and out.

Visitors hand the ball to Buquet for 21 yards and then Miller lobs it to François Bremond for another 29. Lightning strikes for a 1 yard score.

Flash: Jason Bofunda rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 0-21

The Dracs respond with Gonzalo locating Cernuda for a gain of 32 yards. Gonzalo moves the chains twice over the ground. On the 4th down his team is stopped on the rivals’ 21 yard line.

The Flash call Buquet’s number who stretches his legs for 21 yards, then Fortes catches to add 19 more. Their offense stalls and punts.

Teams exchange an ineffective series each before half time.

As the third period opens the Dracs field a long drive. Cernuda snags a 25 yard pass on the opposing 22 yard line but his team is a yard short after 4 downs.

The Flash run with Buquet but Dylan Dubuque forces a fumble and his teammate Alejandro Garcia recovers it 32 yards away from the goal line.

Dracs’ QB Gonzalo zips a pass to Cernuda but Junior Smith jumps his route and returns the ball 28 yards.

Bofunda spares no time and rushes the ball 30 yards for the Flash and Buquet picks up the rest.

Flash: Guillaume Buquet rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 0-28

In the last quarter the Dracs can’t move the ball after 3 downs and their punting unit comes out. As the punter this time, Gonzalo takes off for 10 yards, keeping the drive going. Olivier Gyan gets a sack before a defensive penalty pushes them to the opposing 40 yard line. After another sack by Gyan Gonzalo flips it to running back Eduard Morlans for 18 yards and then throws a 21 yard touchdown.

Dracs: Sergi Gonzalo pass to David Martinez, PAT is good, 7-28

The French get right back at it with rushes by Buquet and François Pion and then another rainbow pass for a 43 yard score.

Flash: Conor Miller pass to Sofiane Mahmoudi, PAT is good, 7-35

On first play by the Dracs’ after the change of possession Gonzalo loses the ball on a backward throwing motion and Flash’s Bessala Nyade De Besbeck falls on it just 2 yards from the home team’s end zone. The Flash send their young QB in and the Dracs’ Eduardo Montero greets him with a sack. Youngster still pushes through to continue scoring.

Flash: Léo Cremades rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 7-42

Next drive by the Dracs is advanced by 2 defensive penalties. When Gonzalo tries a long pass Mamoudou Drame intercepts him and returns the ball to the Dracs 35yd line.

Cremades passes to François Bremond for 28 yards and then Pion closes the curtain with the last TD.

Flash: François Pion rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 7-49