CEFL Championship Recap: Belgrade SBB Vukovi vs Vienna Danube Dragons


Belgrade SBB Vukovi770721Loss
Vienna Danube Dragons71401435Win

After a great kickoff return SBB Vukovi start the drive from midfield. Quarterback Ryan Barabe opts for swing routes to running back Aleksandar Mlađen who moves the chains. Fabian Schmid sacks the QB, but an offside penalty on SBB Vukovi’s 4th down negates that. They score on another 4th down.

SBB Vukovi: Ryan Barabe pass to Petar Bajalica, PAT good, 7-0

It takes a shot play for the Danube Dragons to catch up.

D.Dragons: Chad Jeffries pass to Camron Lewis, PAT good, 7-7

Short runs by Mlađen and passes to Ivan Klarić and Andreja Živković move the chains before another SBB Vukovi touchdown.

SBB Vukovi: Ryan Barabe pass to Petar Bajalica, PAT good, 14-7

Jeffries moves the chains with a couple of passes to Lukas Gold. A fade route touchdown dots the I.

D.Dragons: Chad Jeffries pass to Camron Lewis, PAT good, 14-14

One another SBB Vukovi drive Schmid and Kai Preininger sack Barabe, who then connects with Mlađen to move in close to opposing red zone. Belgraders try for a field goal which gets blocked.

Danube Dragons get the ball back with less than 2 minutes left in the first half. Jeffries passes to Uzay Nafile for 13 yards. Petar Derikonjić sacks Jeffries who recoups with a 9 yard run. On the next play the pocket breaks down but Jeffries escapes a tackle, steps up and passes to unguarded Leon Steiner who has open field for a touchdown.

D.Dragons: Chad Jeffries pass to Leon Steiner, PAT good, 14-21

In the third quarter Danube Dragons have commanded the rhythm of the game with their offense but haven’t been able to capitalize. They’ve even tried for a field goal which sailed wide left.

When they get the ball back Jeffries first takes off for 15 yards and then employs Gold for 27 yards on play action. After a 15 yard penalty backs them off, they convert the 4th down by a short Jeffries pass to Lewis who seems to toy with SBB Vukovi’s defense, breaks 5 tackles and scores a touchdown.

D.Dragons: Chad Jeffries pass to Camron Lewis, PAT good, 14-28

SBB Vukovi respond with a long Barabe pass to Bajalica which is extended to the opposing red zone by a roughing-the-passer penalty. Klarić cradles a pass which flies over a jumping defender for 1st down and Aleksandar Bogdanović pushes through for a 3 yard touchdown.

SBB Vukovi: Aleksandar Bogdanović rushing TD, PAT good, 21-28

A long visitors’ drive ensues. Gold and Nafile get ahead of the chains by securing multiple passes. Lewis is good for 9 yards before he escapes two tackles again and heads for the touchdown.

D.Dragons: Chad Jeffries pass to Camron Lewis, PAT good, 21-35