CEFL Championship Recap: Copenhagen Towers vs Örebro Black Knights

Photo: Jonas Domfors


Copenhagen Towers1490225Loss
Örebro Black Knights02036056Win

Towers attack first with their quarterback Joshua Greaves finding Michael Williams for 12 yards first, and then another 20. Soon after, he throws his first touchdown of the day.

Towers: Joshua Greaves pass to Martin Due Møller, PAT is good, 7-0

Black Knights’ balanced drive goes smoothly. When running back Timmy Göransson finds a hole in the defense Magnus Alexander Bitsch punches the ball from his grip and another DB, Jakob Bækgaard recovers it.

Towers offense goes to the field again and it takes a shot play for 69 yards by the same player combo for them to extend their lead.

Towers: Joshua Greaves pass to Martin Due Møller, PAT is good, 14-0

Ensuing Black Knights’ series stalls and they punt to their own 45 yard line.

Towers move the chains on the 4th down by Williams’ catch leading to one more passing touchdown for 19 yards.

Towers: Joshua Greaves pass to Oliver Tribler, PAT is no good, 20-0

It was early in the second and the Black Knights didn’t despair. When he got the ball back into his hands their QB, Trevor Vasey dials his own number for 28 yards. A penalty move them closer and they lower the scoring difference from 11 yards out.

Black Knights: Timmy Göransson rushing touchdown, PAT is no good, 20-6

Towers go to the field with Greaves passing to Tribler for 1st down. On another pass to Williams, Sebastian Nilsson forces a fumble and Black Knights’ Markus Persson picks it up on the opposing 43 yard line.

The visitors score with a 37 yard passing touchdown and Kasper Wedberg rushes for 2 extra points.

Black Knights: Trevor Vasey pass to Johannes Lindeus, 2 point conversion is good, 20-14

Next Towers’ drive looks promising when Markus Persson picks off Greaves’ pass. After Black Knights’ offense goes nowhere, home team is stopped by a Filip Jönsson sack.

When the visitors’ offensive unit goes to the field, it’s time for Towers’ defense to sack Vasey. He won’t be denied on the next play and rushes for 20 yards. Hjalmar Gertsson hauls in two passes for 25 and 12 yards and Samuel Egberth adds 36 more with another catch. The drive is crowned with a touchdown and the score is tied.

Black Knights: Trevor Vasey rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 20-20

Before half time a 40 yard field goal put the Towers in the lead again.

Towers: Jakob Green field goal, 23-20

First offensive play in the third quarter is a 80 yard rainbow pass for a touchdown.

Black Knights: Trevor Vasey pass to Johannes Lindeus, PAT is good, 23-27

Home teams’ next drive ends abruptly with a safety.

Black Knights: Filip Jönsson and Max Nurminen safety, 23-29

The Swedes start their series on the opposing 35 yard line after a long kickoff return by Jesper Lindeus. Kasper Wedberg rushes for 16 yards and Vasey adds 11 more. On more push and they up the score.

Black Knights: Timmy Göransson rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 23-36

Towers can’t kick into gear and after their 3 and out the Black Knights offense is up again.

Vasey connects with Johannes Lindeus and Egberth first and then stretches his legs for a 24 yard score.

Black Knights: Trevor Vasey rushing touchdown, PAT is good, 23-43

The home team digs an even deeper hole after Jonathan Armendariz’s interception and another score by the Swedish team.

Black Knights: Kasper Wedberg rushing touchdown, PAT is no good, 23-49

Next offensive play by the Danes ends the same way as the last one – with another interception, this time by Cewin Eriksson.

This time it takes all 4 downs for the visitors to score. They do it on a 20 yard pitch and catch.

Black Knights: Trevor Vasey pass to Jesper Lindeus, PAT is good, 23-56

Furious Black Knights have scored 36 points in the third quarter alone!

The home team scores 2 more points in the last period with a safety.

Towers: team safety, 25-56