Bolzano Giants — Budapest Wolves


Wolves attack first but can’t get the drive going and punt. Giants take over and quickly get on the board. Their QB, David Gahafer hits Joshua Cox in the scoring area for 7-0.

Following another ineffective drive by the Wolves, Giants’ RB Ifrain Pajan gets the ball and punches a hole through the defense for a 58 yard touchdown, 13-0.

The visitors get up to speed on their next drive when QB Márk Bencsics locates Ádám Elek, whose secure hands lower the score to 13-6.

Italian team gets within a shouting distance of extending their lead but the Wolves pick one of their passes. Their offense starts rolling and they equalize the score with a Bencsics pass to Máté Gecser, 13-13.

Gahafer takes things into his own hands with a 30 yard run and caps the effort with a 4 yard touchdown over the ground, 19-13.

The Wolves are determined not to let up and RB Richárd Szatlmayer breaks the goal line and levels the score again with 11 seconds left before the intermission, 19-19.

Half time break seemed to have stirred something in both teams’ defenses as they dominate the opening of the third quarter. Surprised offenses can’t get the grasp on the ball, which results in two turnovers per team.

The home team is the first to break out of this spell and they don’t look back. Pajan gets them a few yards away from the goal line with two penetrating runs and Gahafer sneaks in for 26-19.

It’s all Giants from here as the Wolves’ machine can’t get anything going. Italians close in on them with a Gahafer throw to Bemmo Pogo and Marco Bonacci snags another one for 33-19.

Wolves’ offensive pains continue with a fumble forced by Giuseppe Della Vecchia and Giants’ LB Enzo Mensah jumps on the ball.

The scoring session ends with a Della Vecchia kick through the goal posts for the final 36-19.



Date Time League Season
13 April 2019 14:00 Cup 1/4 2019


Bolzano Giants13671036Win
Budapest Wolves6130019Loss