Fifth championship for Vukovi

photo: Nenad Akšić

The SBB Vukovi Belgrade beat the PBB Kragujevac Wild Boars in the CEFL Bowl VIII 42-0 and secured their fifth championship trophy. If anybody expected it, there were no surprises in Belgrade today and the Vukovi ended the season in a way they played it from game one. There were convincing wins in bowl games before, but a 42-point shutout is a first.

Considering the stakes, it was maybe their overall best performance of the year. CEFL’s Offensive Player of the Year and Vukovi quarterback Lance Kriesien also saved his best for last with four touchdown passes. Two of those went to Anthony Washington, who sealed the deal with a 98 yard interception returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. With that, he managed to score on offense, special teams and defense this year.

The bowl MVP trophy went however to running back Mihailo Josović, who scored one touchdown, but had numerous important runs throughout the game.

It is difficult to talk about a perfect season, since the Vukovi needed just seven wins to accomplish it, but with an overall victory margin of more than 30 points and a bowl shutout of their biggest rival, it is as close as it gets.

In comparison to most of their previous games, the Vukovi led only 21 points at the half, but in the end scored as many in the second. Kriesien’s passes to Washington and Mario Lugonja with Josović’s 35 yard run were the points of the first half.

Kriesien kept passing for touchdowns in the third quarter and those where likely the decisive blows. After two passes to Filip Stojanović and again to Washington it was 35-0. They didn’t score on offense again, but Washington’s interception return was enough for the final score of 42-0.

They took a break last year, but with their now fifth championship trophy we are back to something familiar: until next year, the Vukovi are the champions.