Perfect 10

Wroclaw Panthers have hosted Kragujevac Wild Boars on their Olympic stadium in what turned out to be a very lopsided affair. They’ve obliterated the visiting team, serving them with 10 touchdowns.


Wroclaw Panthers1421142170Win
Kragujevac Wild Boars0013013Loss

Panthers have opened the game with the ball in their possession. They couldn’t move it and had to punt, and the rival responded the same way. After an overhead snap Wild Boars punter recovered the ball and managed a kick, but the home team was on the short side of the field.

Panthers’ RB Damian Kwiatkowski gets the ball and rushes for double digits. Przemysław Banat catches a pass from QB Tony Dawson near the end zone, and RB Konrad Starczewski punches in for first points, 7-0.

Wild Boars QB Jacob Sisson connects with Filip Nedeljković before he’s intercepted by Karol Mogielnicki. Panthers close in with short rushes, and Dawson finally breaks into the end zone for 14-0.

Visitors can’t get anything going and punt. Dawson wants the ball for himself and breaks a few tackles. He hits Kacper Fiedziuk next for 48 yards and quickly after locates Benjamin Barnes in the end zone for another score, 21-0.

On the ensuing kickoff, Panthers squib kick and the ball stays on their half of the field. Sisson completes the pass to Petar Goić, but Deante Battle punches the ball from his hands and Krzysztof Wis recovers.

Dawson takes off with the ball, this time for 28 yards. Kwiatkowski gets handed the ball, but Lazar Nikolić strips it and forces a fumble which gets picked up by DB Stefan Milojević. Wild Boars are playing with their backs against the end zone and have to punt.

When Panthers get the ball back, Starczewski rumbles down the field for 28 yards. Then Dawson spots Barnes all alone in the Wild Boars backfield and he walks across the line for 28-0.

In the next series, visiting team breaks into opponents’ territory but Sisson’s pass gets intercepted by Adam Lary. Panthers get it back and Barnes breaks away from his defender and Dawson spots him the ball for the third straight touchdown, 35-0.

Sisson zips a long pass to Goić in the final seconds of the first half and Wild Boars quickly call a time out with only a couple of seconds left. Another lob by Sisson falls into the hands of Nick LaSane who is tackled 6 yards away from the goal line as time expires.

Third quarter starts the same as the first one. Teams play in the middle of the field and trade punts. Wild Boars have the next possession and Sission lobs a pass to Nedeljković for first team points, 35-7.

Dawson answers right back hitting Barnes in stride for 47 yards. Starczewski’s number is called on the next play and he powers through the defense for 20 yards and another 15 for a score, 42-7.

Serbian team attacks from 40 yards out but can’t budge. Dawson gets the ball back and flies straight ahead untouched for 64 yards and another touchdown, 49-7.

Sisson is determined to make it happen this time. His short passes move the chains, before he breaks free from defenders and weaves his way to the 6 yard line. On a long developing play, he heaves it to Stefan Borković in the corner of the end zone. Ensuing kick is too low and the score is 49-13.

Home team punts on their next offensive possession and Serbians have another go. Wis intercepts Sission’s pass and the Panthers are at it again. Dawson connects with Fiedziuk for 27 yards and the ball is a hairline from the end zone. Kwiatkowski takes it in for 56-13.

Wild Boars have long abandoned the ground game, trying to catch up. Sission hits LaSane and Stefan Đurić and they need 3 more yards to score. Sission goes to Đurić again but he drops the pas and Battle gets his hands on it in his team’s end zone.

The Poles are milking the clock by running the ball. As if the defense wasn’t expecting it, Kwiatkowski sprints for 68 yards but Darko Cvetković catches him from behind and the 3 yard line. From there Kwiatkowski gets one more go and turns it into another touchdown, 63-13.

Wild Boars are stuck on their next drive and have to punt. Panthers RB Ernest Rogowicz takes advantage of that, setting the final score with a 20 yard run, 70-13.

Benjamin Barnes is awarded a Xenith helmet as the MVP of the game with 3 receiving touchdowns. Panthers were better in all aspects of the game, but now they find themselves in an awkward position. After playing all of their games, their hopes lie in the opponent they have just decimated.

If the Panthers are to advance to Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV at the end of this season, the Wild Boars have to beat Calanda Broncos when they play them in two weeks. In that case score point difference between these three teams would decide the top team in the conference. If the Broncos win, they’re going straight to the final game.