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SELAF: Everything set for start of the season

On the occasion of kicking off the season in SELAF, a press conference was held in Belgrade involving presidents of all the teams participating in this year`s league, all except a representative from the Silverhawks. Goran Nišavić (Vukovi), Ramazi Inaišvili (Legionaries), Miloš Gagić (Dukes) and Marko Slavković (Wild Boars), accompanied with the chairman of the CO Dragan Pešikan sent a clear message that everything is set for the start of the long awaited league.

Second arrival of the Slovenian team on Obilić stadium on Saturday, May the 6th will be accompanied, as Goran Nišavić said, with standard program when it comes to Vukovi. “Cheerleaders, everything that will happen before the match and a mini concert of Beogradski Sindikat at half time. Entrance is free, and that will be Vukovi`s principle this year because we want as many people to show up as possible; with every refreshment bought on the stadium rules will be given, which is our attempt to make the crowd more familiar with the sport.”

“We will try to find agreement for the TV broadcasts of the games, because that is necessary for further development of this sport here. With who it remains to be seen. We need all media participation and that is one of the things that we need to work on” said the chairman of the CO Dragan Pešikan.

The next day, a match will be played in Novi Sad, on FK Kabel stadium; like the match in Belgrade also starting at 4PM. With an invitation to the people from Novi Sad to attend, Miloš Gagić said that they won`t fall behind Vukovi in the organizing department. “Except half time mini concert we won`t fall behind with additional entertainment at the game. Everything is prepared for the match, and most importantly, the team is ready.”

Their opponent, Sremska Mitrovica`s Legionaries, are coming to Novi Sad with ambitions of triumph. “This is a first game with protection gear for us as it is for them. Even with certain problems with our personnel we feel we should be favored” said Inaišvili, president of the first founded team in Serbia.

Away game of Kragujevac Wild Boars in Ljubljana next Saturday will be a first away game of one team from Serbia in Slovenia, and a second game of the Silverhawks in just seven days. Champions of Serbia had very serious preparation for this season, starting from November last year, when they got protection gear as the first team in Serbia. “It`s our pleasure to be the first team playing in Slovenia, with a team that is playing in protection gear for five years, so it`s a bit of an ungrateful role. We did some serious work, played two practice games and we will not go to Slovenia just as tourists”.

In the end it was said that SELAF has ambitions to involve some other teams from Serbia next season, but not just them, teams from surrounding countries as well. “The League could have 8 to 10 teams next season” – said Pešikan at the end.


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