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Slovenian team hopes for the best

Before their arrival in Belgrade, the situation for the Ljubljana Silverhawks appears calm. Although nobody is making predictions, many on the Silverhawks squad consider that the key factors in the upcoming game will be home field advantage for the Wolves, but also an inexperienced team that the Silverhawks are bringing to Belgrade.

Luka Fabiani : I hope the game will be entertaining for the fans, so everyone remembers it as a successful start of the SELAF. Both the organizers and players have put a lot of effort into everything, and the game will be a reward for everyone, no matter what the score is in the end.

Jure Tepina, sports commentator for RTV Slovenia, former player: I hope that, in organizational terms, the SELAF will be what everyone in the former Yugoslavia region needs to make the sport more popular. Ljubljana has problems organizing practices, and many players ended their playing careers after the Serbia – Slovenia match, so I don`t expect much from the Silverhawks. I think the SELAF will show its true face in a couple of years, and I also hope that the interest in Serbia among the people will stay the same and at the same time expand in Slovenia.

David Turšič, Silverhawks captain (QB/WR/S): I expect a hard fought game from the start. The home team is definitely favored because they`re playing in front of their fans. The game will be tough for sure and a lot better than the one between the national teams, but our team has a lot of rookies so we don`t know exactly what to expect. From this year`s team I expect to be as good as possible and to be among the teams fighting for the SELAF bowl.

Sašo Kuntarič, C: Two things are vital to us. First, we can`t give in because of the atmosphere created by the home team fans, and second we have to set the tempo of the game. If we can do that, we can win. In any case, I hope the spirit of the game will be fair.


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