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Ljubljana gets bigger and stronger

Bigger, stronger and, well, maybe not that faster. Three foreign linemen have joined the Ljubljana Silverhawks, in a move that will surely make the Slovenians tougher in the trenches.

Two Germans, Andre Miersch and Toni Vogler are new members of the Silverhawks. According to their new head Coach, Mark Garza, they have over 10 years of experience playing in Germany for the Dresden Monarchs. The two offensive linemen are joined by a third one – Hungarian Dan Menzcal.

The moves, along with the return of their former player — Nejc Gselman returns from the US — could make the Silverhawks tough on the line of scrimmage.

Under CEFL rules, they’re allowed 6 active ‘stars’, where every player with US college experience counts for two stars. Since the three Europeans don’t count as real imports, they still have options available. The team earlier also confirmed they’re still looking for an import quarterback, and possibly one more American player.

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