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Decision time

The Ljubljana Silverhawks host the PBB Kragujevac Wild Boars in what will be the last meaningful game of the 2013 regular season. The game will be played on Sunday, 4PM CET. An hour earlier, the SBB Vukovi host the Docler Wolves, but the faith of both teams has already been determined.

The Silverhawks’ and the Wild Boars’ however hasn’t been. The Wild Boars currently occupy second place on the league standings table, which will secure them a championship game appearance, if they are able to maintain it. But, the Silverhawks are right behind them with one win less and can at least match their record with them.

Unfortunately for the Silverhawks, not just any win will help them. In order to leapfrog them in the standings, the Silverhawks need to beat the Wild Boars by at least 14 points. The two teams already met in Kragujevac this year, with the Wild Boars winning 27-13. This is now crucial, because a Silverhawks win ties the teams in the standings with a score of 3-3, and also at 1-1 in mutual games.

If even the point differential of the two games doesn’t help, the following tie breaking procedures will apply:

  • points scored away
  • total point differential
  • points scored in all games
  • points scored in all away games
  • lottery

Both teams are coming into the game on a high note. The Silverhawks just secured their fourth straight Slovenian title, while the Wild Boars will have the opportunity the fight for the Serbian title, after they won their semi final round.

One could say that the Serbian team rose from the dead in that semi final game. After losing their second quarterback to injury, they were beaten badly by Novi Sad, forcing a semi final game in the same city. But they managed to come through, with Stefan Stefanović throwing for two touchdowns.

Stefanović already has a start in the Sportklub CEFL this year — and it came against the Silverhawks. As the team was in the process of looking for a new quarterback, he had his successful start, throwing for four touchdowns in this important win for his team. It was maybe a closer game then one would say by looking at the score, but the Wild Boars have proven that they can beat the Silverhawks, even without an import quarterback.

If it will be enough again, we’ll see. But it looks like it was meant to be, for Stefanović to lead the Wild Boars this season.

The Vukovi will host the Wolves in Novi Kneževac, a small town in northern Serbia. The game is essentially meaningless, as the Vukovi have secured the number one spot in the standings, and the Wolves can’t improve their position. Novi Kneževac Grofovi, meaning Dukes, one of Serbian american football teams, are hosting the game together with the Vukovi. The city of Novi Kneževac has a large Hungarian population, so the Wolves have some additional motives to try to get their first win of the season.


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