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European Superfinal set to go

Winter is over for the Northern European Football League (NEFL), the boreal twin league to CEFL, with the publishing of its 2018 schedule. The two leagues have set the date for the European Superfinal game between their two champions on 30 June. CEFL will be represented by one of its six member teams in competition for this season’s CEFL Championship trophy.

At the same time, NEFL will be composed of 4 teams, each playing one game against every other opponent. Much like the CEFL Championship, NEFL member teams are all champions, representing four national associations, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Great Britain’s national surprise, Tamworth Phoenix will have their debut on international stage after beating both London teams who took turns at the podium in the last nine years. They will be joined by the repeating champions of Norway, Oslo Vikings, who also hold four national titles in the last decade. Hailing from Sweden is one of the best European teams, Carlstad Crusaders, who have won each national final since 2010. The stellar society will be rounded up by Copenhagen Towers, four-time national champions in the last five years.

The NEFL will play its games the same weekends as CEFL Championship. However, with large distances between the teams, the league will not have their bowl game. NEFL champion will be the team holding the top spot after all the games of the season have been played. That distinction shines an even brighter light on the European Superfinal game between the winners of CEFL and NEFL.


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