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Closing week

This Saturday concludes the regular season in CEFL. Last game in the Eastern Conference of CEFL Championship will promote its champion and CEFL Cup finals will get the second participant. Earlier, SWARCO RAIDERS have taken the top spot in the Western Conference of CEFL Championship.

CEFL Championship Eastern Coference

The game day will open in Moscow at 17:00 local time (16:00 CET). The home team, Patriots will play host to Istanbul Koc Rams in the final game of the Eastern Conference to determine the second actor of CEFL Bowl XIII.

Kragujevac Wild Boars have played both these teams in the first two weeks, losing to the Rams by 6 and beating the Patriots by 14 points. Now any win will lead the Rams to the finals, while the Patriots need to triumph by 22+ points to take the pole position. If Muscovites win with a lower point difference the Wild Boars will repeat their CEFL Bowl presence.

Abundant Rams’ offense has scored 41 points against the Wild Boars. Their points have come from quarterback David Whipple, who scored three passing and one rushing touchdown, and running back Taha Çokadar, with two rushing scores.

Patriots’ CEFL initiation had them visit Kragujevac two weeks ago and rack up three touchdowns. Quarterback Igor Chernolutskiy has rushed for two scores, and running back Denis Strokov added one, also over the ground.

Meanwhile, porous defenses were the sore spot for both teams in their outings against the Wild Boars. Patriots’ national league has started last weekend and they’ve opened with a win. In contrast, Rams have one more game to play of their regular season, where they hold the score 5-1.

Saturday, 12 May at 16:00 CET
Moscow Patriots – Istanbul Koç Rams
Watch live webcast at this link

CEFL Championship Western Conference

Closing week of the Western Conference will be played at the Olympic stadium in Wrocław. The Panthers will host Prague Black Panthers for bragging rights. Neither of them are in the race any longer, but these teams are far from dregs. Both have scored 21 points on the Raiders, although in a very different manner.

Black Panthers’ points have come from all three phases of the game. Their most prominent player was running back William Young. First of his touchdowns came on a 93 yard kickoff return and the second was a rushing play.

One the other hand, Wrocław Panthers’ points were all offensive. All of their points have come from their quarterback, Timothy Morovick. He connected twice with Tomasz Dziedzic and rushed for another score himself.

The troubling segments of both teams against the Raiders were their defenses, allowing 44 and 63 points respectively. Prague Black Panthers are going strong in their national league with the score 4-0. Wrocław Panthers are also undefeated in their domestic championship with 5 wins.

Saturday, 12 May at 19:00 CET
Wrocław Panthers – Prague Black Panthers
Live stream is at this link


The second semifinal game under CEFL Cup will be played in Belgrade. SBB Vukovi will greet Sakarya Tatankalari at 16:30 on BASK stadium. The winner of this one will join Gdynia Seahawks in the finals. They have beaten Budapest Cowbells in the first CEFL Cup semifinal game.

SBB Vukovi have a rich history with CEFL, being a member since its inaugural season. With 6 Championship titles under their belt, this year they’re playing CEFL Cup. They’re primed for playoffs in the Serbian league with the score 3-1. Their import player picks are quarterback Khari Vercher and defensive back Joshua Hartigan.

Sakarya Tatankalari are a new member of the CEFL family. As the Turkish vice-champions from 2017, they’re having a mediocre national season so far with the score 3-3. They will be looking to turn the corner in Belgrade for sure. Team’s play-caller is homegrown quarterback Bilguun Altakhuyag, while defensive back Deandre Hall will lead the secondary.

Saturday, 12 May at 16:30 CET
Belgrade SBB Vukovi – Sakarya Tatankalari
The game will be broadcast on Sport Klub TV in countries under its coverage.

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