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Finals are set

CEFL is pleased to announce that the venue and kickoff time have been set for the big game. CEFL BOWL XIII will be played on the Tivoli stadium in Innsbruck on Saturday, 9 June and the game will kick off at 19:00 CET.

Devoted fans of CEFL most likely know the participants of CEFL Bowl XIII. Representing Western Conference are SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol and Eastern Conference champions are Istanbul Koc Rams. Both teams are playing CEFL Championship for the second season in a row, while the Raiders are also current trophy-holders. They both hold the score of 2-0 in their conferences.

The Raiders have slated two impressive wins against their opponents. The first one was on the road in Prague, against the Black Panthers and the final score was 21-44. Their home game versus Wroclaw Panthers was even more domineering, ending with 63-21.

Koc Rams’ first win was more exciting. It came after trading blows with Kragujevac Wild Boars, finally outlasting them to win 47-41. Their second one in Moscow was a complete opposite. Patriots’ defense couldn’t withstand their attacks and the game ended 21-61.

CEFL Cup finals have also been scheduled. The game will be played in Belgrade, as previously announced. The stadium will be BASK arena and the date is Sunday, 10 June at 17:00 CET. The game will be broadcast live on Sport Klub TV.

The rivals in this one are the mainstay SBB Vukovi and the newcomers to CEFL, Gdynia Seahawks from Poland. They have both won their semifinals games at home to deserve their spots. First, the Seahawks have hosted Budapest Cowbells and endured in the end with 28-18. In the second semifinal game SBB Vukovi have beaten Turkish vice-champion Sakarya Tatankalari with the score 56-28.

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