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Superfinal League of Champions

European Superfinal game will be played at Gentofte Sportspark in Copenhagen on Saturday, 30 June with the kickoff at 19:30. It will round up the competition in two sister leagues, CEFL and NEFL (Northern European Football League), pitting together their winners. The Superfinal League of Champions will be the promotion of the best team out of 10 champions.

After winning the CEFL Bowl XIII last Saturday, SWARCO RAIDERS are now two-time and back-to-back CEFL champions. In addition to the Raiders, CEFL Championship has in its membership national trophy holders from Czechia, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Turkey. It was the Turkish champion, Istanbul Koc Rams who have lost 20-49 to the Raiders in CEFL Bowl XIII played in Innsbruck. Previously, SWARCO RAIDERS have beaten Prague Black Panthers 44-21 and Wroclaw Panthers 63-21.

NEFL member teams were champions of four nations: Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The title has went to Copenhagen Towers who won out 44-43 against Sweden’s Carlstad Crusaders in last week’s thriller. The Towers had a two touchdown advantage in the first half, surrendering it in the third quarter. Crusaders took the first lead late in the game by scoring 6 but missing an extra point. The Danish profited off of rival’s flub by kicking a PAT after their own touchdown in waning seconds.

Before edging out Crusaders on the road, the Towers have defeated Oslo Vikings 21-10 and dominated against Great Britain’s champion Tamworth Phoenix 50-7. They are also the four-time national champions of Denmark in the last five years.

The Raiders are a European powerhouse, always placing high on a shortlist of teams expected to win European competitions. This season, they’ve limited opponents in CEFL to three touchdowns, while scoring almost at will. The Superfinal game will show if the Towers can match their fire power.

Live stream is provided as pay-per-view at the following link. The price is 39 DKK (about 5 Euros) and the anouncers will speak English.


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