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Awesome assembly

It’s official! Sport Klub CEFL Championship has finalized its 2019 setting. Topping the all-champion society from last season was a tough call. Despite of that, league’s strength keeps increasing. This time, all members are among the top 25 European teams. And that’s not all, because there will be one more of them, expanding the group of stellar performers to 7 teams. That ensures 10 exciting games between well-balanced rivals for all fans to enjoy.

Four teams are coming back for another season, while the league has extended its reach to three new countries: France, Italy and Switzerland. The lineup of participants is full of European powerhouses (in alphabetical order):

– Calanda Broncos, Champions of Switzerland,
– Istanbul Koç Rams, Champions of Turkey and CEFL Bowl XIII finalists,
– Kragujevac Wild Boars, Champions of Serbia,
– Milan Seamen, Champions of Italy,
– Swarco Raiders Tirol, Champions of Austria, two time CEFL Bowl XIII Champions, and European Superfinal game Champions,
– Thonon Black Panthers, Vice Champions of France,
– Wroclaw Panthers, Vice Champions of LFA Poland.

These teams are amongst Europe’s leading football programs and are well known brands throughout the continent. Listing every trophy in their cases would be a tough assignment, so the list mentions only their latest accomplishments. They will be grouped in 2 conferences, 3 teams in the Western and 4 teams in the Eastern, playing their games in line with the following schedule:

Western Conference

13 April
Swarco Raiders Tirol – Thonon Black Panthers

11 May
Milan Seamen – Swarco Raiders Tirol

25 May
Thonon Black Panthers – Milan Seamen

Eastern Conference

13 April
Wroclaw Panthers – Calanda Broncos
Kragujevac Wild Boars – Istanbul Koç Rams

27 April
Istanbul Koç Rams – Wroclaw Panthers

11 May
Calanda Broncos – Istanbul Koç Rams
Wroclaw Panthers – Kragujevac Wild Boars

25 May
Calanda Broncos – Kragujevac Wild Boars

Teams in both conferences will all play each other once. This guarantees 2 games to each team in the Western Conference, and 3 contests to members of the Eastern Conference. Conference champions will play in CEFL Bowl XIV, on 8 June, and the hosting will be awarded during the season.

In addition to this, CEFL intends to continue last years’ fruitful cooperation with IFAF. CEFL will give its contribution to a unified IFAF League of Champions where the finalists would play a crown game for the best team in Europe.

At the same time with the Championship, CEFL is in the process of forming another one of its competitions. CEFL Cup, a knockout tournament that assembled some very strong contestants last season has proven to be a resounding success with the teams. This year, a record number of participants from all parts of the continent are interested to join in.

With both of its competitions bringing more games than ever, CEFL fans will truly be in for a treat in the coming season.


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