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Shall we begin?

SportKlub CEFL is starting its new, 14th season, stronger than ever in quantity and class.

SportKlub CEFL is starting its new, 14th season, stronger than ever in quantity and class. Number 13 was unlucky for some, but it didn’t faze Swarco Raiders Tirol who took CEFL Bowl for the second time in a row. We’re about to see if anyone can challenge them in 2019 and unseat them from the throne in CEFL Championship. At the same token in CEFL Cup, SBB Vukovi are looking to repeat their last season’s success, but they’ll have their work cut out for them. Both competitions under SportKlub CEFL wing set out on their exciting journeys this Saturday.

CEFL Championship

CEFL Championship starts with three outings. This season, MVP players of each game will be pleasantly surprised. League sponsor, Xenith will award them with a trophy helmet to display in their trophy cases. The competition will be stronger than ever with all teams coming from a 2018 season top 25 selection.

In the Western Conference, Swarco Raiders Tirol are defending their title against the newcomer to the league, Thonon Black Panthers. Offensive duo, QB Sean Shelton and WR Patrick Donahue have returned to the Austrian team, and electric RB Sandro Platzgummer will join them. French powerhouse, the Black Panthers will try to match them offensively with QB Clark Evans and their own WR Benjamin Plu, who was just drafted in CFL by the BC Lions. They’re well known in Europe for always having admirable running options too, so this matchup will be fun to watch.

Swarco Raiders Tirol – Thonon Black Panthers
17:00 CET, Gernot Langes Stadium, Wattens
Watch the live stream here

In the Eastern Conference, two long-time rivals will meet again. Kragujevac Wild Boars will welcome Istanbul Koc Rams for the third straight season. After the past two outings they are neck and neck, so this one will be sort of a decider, at least until next season. The Wild Boars have parted ways with RB Joshua Quezada and WR Strahinja Stepović, who found their way to the Rams. Replacing their production for the Serbian team will be QB Jacob Sisson and RB Nick LaSane. Meanwhile, the Turkish team will continue their cooperation with QB David Whipple.

Kragujevac Wild Boars – Istanbul Koç Rams
13:00 CET, Cika Daca stadium, Kragujevac
Watch the live stream here

Second Eastern Conference meetup will be played in Wrocław, where Panthers greet another newcomer to the Championship, Calanda Broncos. Polish team is growing stronger with each new season, but the Broncos are among the European football royalty. The Panthers have a new QB, Chris Forcier, after last season’s tumultuous end of affairs with his predecessor. He will have a selection of receiving options, with Bartosz Dziedzic standing out of the bunch. Swiss pride and joy, the Broncos have a QB with a well-known last name in this position, Conner Manning, who will have a lot to prove.

Wrocław Panthers – Calanda Broncos
19:00 CET, Olympic Stadium, Wroclaw
Watch the live stream here


CEFL’s knockout contest is about to begin as well with the quarterfinal round. All 8 teams of CEFL Cup will play their matchups this Saturday. Every game features a new arrival and an established CEFL member team.

The newcomer Bolzano Giants are Italian runner-ups, who have welcomed the chance to play international contests again. They will be visited by one of the oldest affiliates, Hungarian current champions, Budapest Wolves, who are reuniting with CEFL after a five year leave. Giants have put their hopes in the hands of QB David Gahafer and WR Mark Simone, with Joshua Cox helping their defense. Wolves’ felt they needed more help on the defensive side, so they brought in their midst LB Bernard Dawson and DB Marcus Brown.

Bolzano Giants – Budapest Wolves
14:00 CET, Europa stadium, Bolzano
Watch the live stream here

Another Hungarian team and a household name in CEFL are Budapest Cowbells who will play host to one more greenhorn, Moscow Spartans. Hungarian teams like to develop their domestic signal callers and bring in outside help at other positions. Cowbells have went all in on the defensive side with DE Bryce Wilson and DB Jaquan Hankinson. Their opponents in this showdown are Russian champions, and they will look to leave a mark in their first CEFL presentation. The Spartans have decided for a domestic crew with a few internationals to boot.

Budapest Cowbells – Moscow Spartans
14:00 CET, Angyalföldi Sportközpont, Budapest
Watch the live stream here

Bucharest Rebels are a fledgling team too, and they’ll have a tough time in their first outing against the oldest and most decorated one in CEFL, Belgrade SBB Vukovi. Both teams are vice-champions of their countries, though Romanian league has not traveled far in its journey yet. Their team will be led by QB/head coach Stan Bedwell. Shoring up the defense will be DE Rashad Dillard and DB Kurtis Ovesen. CEFL’s own, SBB Vukovi will have their own field marshal in QB Levi Plante, while RB Joe Bergeron will keep opposing defenses honest.

Bucharest Rebels – Belgrade SBB Vukovi
14:00 CET, Complexul Sportiv Ion Tiriac, Bucharest
Watch the live stream here

Last CEFL novice comes from Turkey and they are ITÜ Hornets as the home team. On the other side of the field will be last season’s CEFL Championship team, Moscow Patriots. The Turkish have summoned the help of QB Moses Skillon and his OL protector Giuliano Cattaneo. Playing for them in the secondary will be DB Walters De Maria. The Russians will be coming out for a win in this one with their own game organizer, QB Matt Bassuener and WR Emeboghene Akonawe. Their defensive unit will be led by LB Derek Hurschman.

Istanbul İTÜ Hornets – Moscow Patriots
15:00 CET, İTÜ Stadium, Maslak, Istanbul
Watch the live stream of the 1st half here
Watch the live stream of the 2nd half here


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