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Sportklub CEFL edition 2019 will culminate with two finals played this weekend. First on schedule, the Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV, as the summit of the flagship competition – CEFL Championship, will be played on Saturday. The final game of the CEFL Cup will drop the curtain on the current season on Sunday.

The Championship was stronger than ever in number and strength this season, with all 7 teams ranking among the top 25 the year before. Three of those teams were newcomers to Sportklub CEFL and one of them has beaten the odds and all their opponents and placed in the finals. The other one, a well-known name and a two time champion already.

Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV will be hosted by Calanda Broncos in their first season in the competition, and the defender of the trophy, Swarco Raiders Tirol will pay them a visit. Both teams are current champions of their countries and they will now decide the top team in Sportklub CEFL.

The Broncos were undefeated after three games in the Eastern Conference of the Championship. First, they’ve beaten Wroclaw Panthers in the away game 27-3. Then, in two home games, they’ve leveled Istanbul Koc Rams 55-17, and survived Kragujevac Wild Boars 37-33.

Western Conference has been decided after two initial outings by Swarco Raiders first cruising past Thonon Black Panthers at home 41-7, and then felling Milan Seamen 50-23. The Raiders are the current two-time back-to-back winners of the Championship.

Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV
Calanda Broncos – Swarco Raiders Tirol
18:00 CET, Saturday, 8 June, Sportplatz Ringstrasse, Chur, Switzerland
Watch the live stream here

The Cup competition has also raised the bar with the number of participants and new teams alike. The season saw 8 teams competing and half of them were newcomers to Sportklub CEFL. Two of those rookie teams were better than all the rest and will now play in the finals.

Bolzano Giants will welcome Moscow Spartans on their home field for a shot at CEFL history. The Giants are the current vice-champions of Italy, while the Spartans are the winners of the Russian championship.

Giants’ have played the quarterfinals at home, greeting Budapest Wolves and shipping them off with a 36-19 score. Playing on the road next, they went to Belgrade in the semifinals and dispatched SBB Vukovi from the competition with 42-27.

Moscow Spartans have played both previous rounds away and this one will be no different. First, they’ve shelved Budapest Cowbells with 24-6. In the semifinal round Istanbul ITÜ Hornets fell their prey with the 43-17 score.

CEFL Cup final game
Bolzano Giants – Moscow Spartans
14:00 CET, Sunday, 9 June, Stadio Europa, Bolzano, Italy
Watch the live stream here
(click on the link “visibile in streaming qui”)


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