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Restructuring the Championship

As our fans already know, CEFL Championship 2021 was organized with 11 teams and was scheduled to start on 24 April. However, the prolonged period of lockdowns across Europe has greatly affected the tournament. The pandemic has urged many countries to impose limitations on public gatherings and bans on traveling.

This has led some teams in the Championship to realize they won’t be able to host or travel to games of the first round in April. Rescheduling was hardly an option due to a lack of open weekends and unclear situation in the future. Regretfully, we’ve had to come to agreements with those teams to withdraw from the Championship.

In an effort to revitalize the competition, it had to be shortened to start from the quarterfinal round in May. Those three rounds have left room for 8 teams only so the Championship was reorganized with one fresh addition. The newcomers will be Fehervar Enthroners, Hungarian 2019 champions, but the lineup will still be no less stellar.

Team ranking
1. Swarco Raiders Tirol, Austrian 2019 champions, CEFL 2019 champions, ECTC 2019 champions
2. Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, German 2019 vice-champions
3. Dacia Vienna Vikings, Austrian 2019 vice-champions, ECTC 2019 finalists, Austrian 2020 champions
4. Calanda Broncos, Swiss 2019 champions, CEFL 2019 finalists
5. Milan Seamen, Italian 2019 champions
6. Carlstad Crusaders, Swedish 2020 champions
7. Kragujevac Wild Boars, Serbian 2019 champions
8. Fehervar Enthroners, Hungarian 2019 champions

The tournament will still be played in a cup system of single elimination matchups and winners will advance to next rounds. Hopefully the conditions will improve quickly so all games can be played.

All teams will strictly follow prescribed measures and guidelines for playing in host countries.
Unfortunately, due to same reasons, CEFL Cup will have to be postponed for next season.


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