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CEFL Championship Recap: Calanda Broncos – Budapest Wolves


Calanda Broncos14002135Win
Budapest Wolves7002128Loss

A quarterfinal game of the CEFL Championship was this season’s first for two opponents. Calanda Broncos have greeted Budapest Wolves in Chur on Saturday. The Swiss team was seeded to skip the first round, while the visitors’ game against the Russian opponent was previously canceled.

Heavily favored home team has won by outscoring their rivals by a touchdown in the first quarter. Next two periods were dry, as if both teams saved all they had for the fourth one.

The ball was first in the Wolves’ hands but they had to punt it soon. It ended up at midfield and the home team went to work with quick passes and short rushes, before the early strike.

Broncos: William Andries 25 yard pass to Maxwell Gray, PAT is good, 7-0

Just as the Wolves start to advance with rushes by Gombos Dávid and a catch by Tóth Csaba, their domestic offensive leader, Tóth Levente throws a pick 6.

Broncos: Matthias Tanno 85 yard interception, PAT is good, 14-0

Three defensive penalties help the visitors in their next drive and Gombos Dávid pounds the ball to move the chains. Grabs by Elek Ádám and Varga Péter ring the Broncos’ doorbell before their teammate enters the house.

Wolves: Gombos Dávid 2 yard rush, PAT is good, 14-7

After the Broncos’ 3 and out they continue where they left off defensively. A couple of their penalties and a 30 yard catch by Varga Péter push the Wolves to the opposing 10 yard line. Just as the visitors were getting ready to tie the score, a high shotgun snap gets muffed by the quarterback and defensive back Sebastian Katz recovers.

When the teams change sides, the Swiss launch their attack over a couple of passes to Maxwell Gray to move the chains. Then Brecht Deboosere rushes and catches for first downs before Steffen Haenelt hauls in a 13 yard pass and finally Erik Rageth spurts to get ahead of the chains. Wolves’ defense gels when they play with their backs to their goal line. An offensive holding call helps their efforts and then Homoki Gergely sacks Andries. The Broncos end the long drive which takes most of the third period with a 37 yard kick that fails.

The visitors now have to play hurry up offense. Continuous power runs by Gombos Dávid and passes from Tóth Levente to Elek Ádám get them to opposing 35 yard line. An offensive holding penalty and another sack by Katz end the first half.

In the sequel the Broncos again mount a long offensive series that lasts half a quarter. On 4th down Andries scampers to continue the drive but then gets sacked again Gergely and his team punts.

An exchange of punts ensues before the home team’s offense takes to the field in the last period. A 23 yard pass to Gregorio Calonego is a preview of his scoring play.

Broncos: William Andries 15 yard pass to Gregorio Calonego, PAT is good, 21-7

Now the Wolves’s offense gets pushed ahead by a defensive pass interference penalty. On a 4th down a rainbow pass to the end zone lowers the scoring difference.

Wolves: Tóth Levente 25 yard pass to Elek Ádám, PAT is good, 21-14

When the Swiss team takes over, a 32 yard Andries’ pitch and catch with Erik Rageth ends on the opposing 28 yard line. A few plays later the Broncos up the score again.

Broncos: Brecht Deboosere 10 yard rush, PAT is good, 28-14

It takes another 4th down for the visitors to move the chains over Elek Ádám who hauls in a 19 yarder. He shows up twice more for 10 and 30 yard catches which set up the last push of the drive.

Wolves: Gombos Dávid 1 yard rush, PAT is no good, 28-20

Wih 3:30 still to play the Wolves try an onside kick that gets recovered by their opponents. Deboosere races for 20 yards. When Rageth gets to carry Hegedűs Bálint forces a fumble that’s picked up by the Wolves with 2 minutes left on the clock. Their first play is a pass that gets intercepted by Matthias Tanno. The home team spends little time scoring.

Broncos: Brecht Deboosere 39 yard rush, PAT is good, 35-20

The Wolves don’t give up. Levente brakes off running the ball before he flings it deep into the end zone.

Wolves: Tóth Levente 48 yard pass to Elek Ádám, 2 points conversion is good (Tóth Levente 3 yard pass to Varga Péter), 35-28

Their onside kick goes out of bounds and that’s all she wrote.


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