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CEFL Cup final game announcement

CEFL Cup final game
Saturday, 23 July, 15:00 CET
Fehervar Enthroners — Prague Lions

Live stream:

This upcoming Saturday the curtain will drop on the CEFL season 2022. Fehervar Enthroners will host Prague Lions in the final game of the CEFL Cup. The kickoff is scheduled for 15:00 CET at the First Field in Székesfehérvár and live stream will also be available.

After a few years of hiatus caused by the coronavirus, CEFL Cup has continued its presence this season. One of the planned teams fell off before the start, so the competition was contested by 5 teams from 4 countries, placed in 2 groups. Leading teams of each group will now play the final game.

For all participants this was the first experience in the CEFL Cup. Northern Group was composed of 2021 Czech champions and runners-up, Vysočina Gladiators and Prague Lions, respectively, and Tychy Falcons, last-year Polish vice-champions. In the Southern Group, Hungarian league 2021 finalists, Fehervar Enthroners notched their first appearance. Their group rivals, Kragujevac Wild Boars, were the winners of the inaugural season of what later became the CEFL Championship, which they also played 7 other times.

Though both the Enthroners and the Lions finished second-best in their national leagues last season, they fared much better this time. They’ve both just won their league’s bowl games last weekend so they’re fresh national champions. Moreover, they did even better, going undefeated the whole season in all competitions they played. For the Lions this has meant the CEFL Cup, while the Enthroners have also played Austrian Division I where they’ll play the finals next week. It’s sad that one of them will have to lose on Saturday.

The Enthroners had to dispatch the Wild Boars in the first and only Southern Group outing to come to the final game. They’ve played in Kragujevac and the score was 34-12 in Hungarians’ favor. Meanwhile, the Lions have traveled to Vysočina Gladiators in the first round and beat them 35-19. Next, they greeted Tychy Falcons and the difference was half that of the opening game, 28-20.

Signal caller for the domestic team is Christopher Merchant, while the Czech team will be led by Shazzon Mumphrey. Enthroners’ home crowd didn’t see a CEFL Cup game at their stadium yet this season and now they’ll get to cheer their team in the finals. Sportklub TV will broadcast the game for the markets under their coverage and live stream is provided as well.


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