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CEFL Cup final game recap

The final game of the CEFL Cup was played this Saturday in Fehervar. Two fresh national champions, hosting Enthroners and Prague Lions duked it out for the title which was vacant in the last few years due to the pandemic. The duel was a nail-biter, where both defenses were large parts of their teams. For the Enthroners, curiously, your last name had to be Tóth to score a touchdown today.

The rivals have split the game quarters between them, taking turns scoring while blanking their opponent. Hungarian team has dominated the first one, although with no production from offense, and the Lions have showed up in the second. Then the third period was prolific for the Enthroners again. The visitors had the last say but were at a loss for words managing only a touchdown when they were 10 points behind.

The Lions have attacked first. With 3 passes to Josef Janota, quarterback Shazzon Mumphrey moved his team down the field to the opposing 35 yard line. He fumbled on 4th down, getting tackled by Jebrai Regan and one of the defensive backs returned it to the house.

Enthroners: Tóth Dávid 78 yard fumble return, PAT is good, 7-0

Another Lions’ drive is ineffective and the home team takes over on their own 31 yard line. Christopher Merchant connects with Tóth Nándor with 2 long passes. Then his 4th down pass gets batted down. The Czech team can’t get ahead of the chains either and their punt is blocked, going out of bounds in their own red zone. After a penalty pushes them backwards, the Enthroners go for the kick.

Enthroners: Szőke Péter 33 yard field goal, 10-0

Another Lions’ drive ends with a punt, which is much better this time, and the home team starts on their own 12 yard line. Czech defense takes advantage by sacking Merchant before defensive end Jakub Ječný recovers the ball on the 1yd line. Their offensive leader is determined to punch in from this distance.

Lions: Shazzon Mumphrey 1 yard rush, PAT is good, 10-7

When the Hungarian team takes over, Madaras Erik carries the rock for the first down and Willem Vancompernolle hauls in a pass for another. A penalty backs them off and they punt it away. On the visiting team’s 4th down, Mumphrey scrambles right and throws a rainbow pass for a touchdown, ending the scoring session in the first half.

Lions: Shazzon Mumphrey 38 yard pass to Marek Suchý, PAT is good, 10-14

As the third installment begins Tóth Levente runs 3 times for first downs, and then his team retakes the lead.

Enthroners: Christopher Merchant 14 yard pass to Tóth Nándor, PAT is good, 17-14

Following the ensuing kickoff the Lions fumble on a handoff and DL-man Regan gets to the ball first. Tóth Levente is the third Tóth to score, shedding tacklers on the way.

Enthroners: Tóth Levente 40 yard rush, PAT is good, 24-14

When the Lions’ offense takes to the field again Adam Žouželka rushes for double-digit yards but that’s as much as they can muster. After a turnover on downs, home team’s Tóth Nándor corrals a pass for 23 yards but their own 4th down falls through. The visitors are more resolved on the next series when Janota seems to be the only open receiver. His catches of 35, 18, and 16 yards stop in front of the end zone, where the signal caller punches in once more.

Lions: Shazzon Mumphrey 1 yard rush, PAT is no good, 24-20

Enthroners can’t move the ball but their punt pins the opponents’ offense on its 3 yard line. Then Žouželka marches down the field play after play. Finally, the Lions are faced with a 4th & 8 from the opposing 15 yard line on a do-or-die play. Mumphrey is chased out of the pocket, on a play which seems to mimic his team’s last play of the first half. However, he runs backward this time, turns around toward the end zone and hurls a pass which falls incomplete.

The home team rushes for a first down and ends the game with a victory formation. They are the first team after 2019 to hoist the CEFL Cup trophy. Their defensive lineman, Jebrai Regan is pronounced the game MVP. With this win the Enthroners have played an undefeated season in their national league and the CELF Cup.


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