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CEFL Championship Week 1 Recap: LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons – Osos Rivas

Madrid city rivals have locked horns this Saturday to decide who takes it all. One game was to promote the Spanish champ, as well as the next participant of the CEFL Championship 2023 quarterfinals. LG Las Rozas Black Demons have hosted Osos Rivas and managed to stay undefeated in Spain this season.

Both teams’ offenses were efficient from the start. The Black Demons had the first go, and their Canadian signal-caller, Theo Landers opened the scoring session connecting with Jorge Garcia Vargas for a 37 yard touchdown. The extra point flopped and the score was 6-0.

Osos Rivas answered with their own well-organized attack, constantly moving the chains down the field. Finally, their domestic quarterback, Sergio Barbero lobbed a spiral to David Girón for 9 yard score to take the lead 6-7.

Not to be outdone, the Black Demons countered to regain the upper hand. The same offensive combination, Landers to Garcia Vargas was again unstoppable when they linked up for a 15 yard score. Redeeming for the previous missed extra point by the special team, Landers kept the rock scampering for a 2 point conversion for 14-7.

Before the half time Osos Rivas responded themselves. Barbero first located Ronald Tomasello deep down the field for a 46 yard gain. Then, he tossed it once more to Girón for a 1 yard touchdown. Their own special team had an extra point kick blocked to put the score at 14-13.

Following the break, Osos Rivas had the ball back in their hands. Barbero struggled to keep up the pace as one of his passes was intercepted by Julio Aguado Vento. This was a prequel for both defensive units’ control of the game, closing the scoring in the third period.

The last quarter wasn’t much more productive, with only touchdown seen until the end. It was posted by the Black Demons’ running back, Daniel Romero when he rushed for an 8 yarder. After yet another blocked extra point kick his teammate from the O-line David Contreras Pérez got to the ball first and ran for a 2 point conversion to set the final score to 22-13.

With little time left, Osos Rivas try going for the end zone but all of their passing attempts fall incomplete and their opponent’s jubilations can begin.

The new Spanish national trophy holders, Black Demons, will continue their journey in the CEFL Championship in the second round when they visit Flash de La Courneuve on 13 May.


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