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CEFL Championship Round 2 Recap: E-R Parma Panthers – Belgrade SBB Vukovi


E-R Parma Panthers0771428Win
Belgrade SBB Vukovi073010Loss

The first matchup of the CEFL Championship Round 2 brought more than a few excitements. E-R Parma Panthers have hosted Belgrade SBB Vukovi in what turned out to be a very strange ride. The visitors were pushing the self-destruct button relentlessly during the whole game. Their offense mounted multiple long drives but they lacked the final push.

E-R Panthers got the better of them on 5 of those promising series, shifting them into turnovers. Italian team was good for 4 touchdowns to boot, enough to capture the first ticket to the CEFL Championship semifinals.

Photo: Valentina Gianferrari

Visiting team’s opening drive was going as planned when Joshua Cartwright’s pass to Petar Bajalica ended at opposing 11 yard line. Then the Parmigianos forced a quarterback fumble and their d-lineman Vanni Belli recovered the ball.

This was only the first turnover allowed by SBB Vukovi which left them without early points. Their next drive ended on the home team’s 2 yard line after another fumble.

The home team woke up in the second period when Anthony Paoletti hit Matteo Bonzanni for a 19 yard touchdown to put the first points on the board, 7-0.

SBB Vukovi have returned the favor after two long passes offered Cartwright the chance to connect with Ivan Klarić for a 10 yarder to level the score at 7-7.

Photo: Valentina Gianferrari

When Parma’s own Tommaso Monardi substitutes for Paoletti, his deep pass is intercepted by Vanja Radivojević. Francesco Vasini gave them the ball back, picking off Cartwright.

Soon after, the Belgraders have another go and get into the red zone but the first half expired on them.

E-R Panthers take advantage of the visitors’ bungles when Paoletti first lobbed to Bonzanni to close in and then rushed it in himself for 14-7.

Photo: Valentina Gianferrari

Offensive penalties in the red zone spoil Serbian champion’s next long drive before Željko Stegnjaja put a 38 yard field goal though the uprights for 14-10.

At the top of the final quarter Vasini got the ball back for his team leaping for another interception. His team made good on it with Paoletti’s rainbow pass to Adewale Omotosho Jr for 35 yards and 21-10.

Playing catch-up and reduced to passes, Cartwright is picked off one last time by Tommaso Greci. The closing statement in the form of a 10 yard touchdown pass is written by Paoletti and Dario Zatti for the conclusive 28-10.


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