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CEFL Cup Final Game Recap: Kragujevac Wild Boars – Budapest Wolves

In the final game of the CEFL Cup, Kragujevac Wild Boars have welcomed Budapest Wolves. It was a wrestling match where the home team was on top for the most part. The visitors never said die tough, taking the first lead late in the fourth quarter. With a few minutes left before the expiration time, the Wild Boars had the last say.


Kragujevac Wild Boars72171651Win
Budapest Wolves71271945Loss

First points were posted by the home team when Isaiah Green connected with Strahinja Stepović, whose defender fell trying to get to the ball, 7-0.

The Hungarian team responded with Bencsics Márk employing Bartos Ferenc for an equalizer, 7-7.

The Wild Boars prolific offense continued the scoring session over Ashton Heard who ran for another touchdown, 14-7.

As they got into the red zone, the Wolves’ low snap ended in a muffed ball which got recovered by the Wild Boars’ Branislav Petrović. Following the turnover, the visitors’ defense chased after Green who threw an ill-advised pass and Horváth Gergely scored a pick 6 for 14-13.

When the home team got the ball back, Heard broke off for a 41 yard rushing touchdown, 21-13.

Reciprocating in kind, Bencsics tossed a long pass to Varga Péter who crossed the goal line for 21-19.

The final scoring play of the first half was Green’s rainbow pass in the end zone to Danijel Zunđa which extended the point gap to two possessions, 28-19.

Tenacious to catch up, Bencsics hit Czirók Márton for a long touchdown and got within the striking distance, 28-26.

Not letting up, the home team upped the score through Heard who sprinted for another score, 35-26.

A long drive by the visitors was completed with another Bencsics connection with Varga for a score, 35-33.

The Wild Boars’ response came quickly after when Green located Jovan Stojković for another two-possession lead by their team, 42-33.

Both teams scored on the next drive. First Bencsics linked up with Bartos Ferenc for a touchdown and then their teams’ PAT kick got blocked, recovered and returned for 2 points by Wild Boars’ Vladimir Radenovi for 44-39.

The Wolves’ defense got the ball back into Bencsics’ hands and he located Czirók, who first juggled the ball, but then managed to secure it and weave through the secondary for his team’s first lead of the game, 44-45.

With a couple of minutes left on the clock the Serbian team had one last shot. They mounted a long drive averting the scare by converting on a 4th down. With 10 seconds left, Green lobbed to Stepović for a touchdown in the right corner of the end zone and the final score stood at 51-45.

This explosive and hard fought battle was an offensive bonanza with 96 total points. Although it could have easily landed on the Wolves’ shelf, the trophy was ultimately won by the Wild Boars. After taking home the main prize in the inaugural season of CEFL, this is the Wild Boars’ first title in the CEFL Cup.


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