CEFL Championship blastoff

photo: CEFL Media

Excitement is virtually palpable for all fans of the CEFL Championship. The league is starting this weekend with games in both conferences. On Saturday, Istanbul Koç Rams are welcoming Kragujevac Wild Boars in the Eastern Conference. A day later, Western Conference plays its opener, when the newcomers to the league, Prague Black Panthers host last season’s CEFL champions, SWARCO RAIDERS.

The Rams are going strong in their national championship with the score 3-1. Their one point loss caught them off guard early in the season. The feeling must have felt strange to the team because this is their first regular season loss since the formation in 2013, which is almost unbelievable.

Rams’ front office has been working hard in the offseason to bring in new additions. Their head coach John Booker will count on dual threat quarterback, David Whipple to lead his offense. He’ll have his weapons in wide receiver Ja Vontae Hence and other international players. The defense will be helped by defensive lineman Christopher Oldham.

Meanwhile, one week was played so far in the Serbian championship, and greatest rivals have already staged a showdown. The Wild Boars were victorious on their own home field over this season’s CEFL Cup representatives, SBB Vukovi.

The Wild Boars will try to repeat last season’s finals, after resigning American quarterback, Dalton Oliver. Another import player, Joshua Quezada is their new addition in the offensive backfield, while defensive back, Andrew Bernardini will help the secondary. With the imposing defensive line, head coach Aleksandar Ristic will have a team to be reckoned with again this season.

Sunday’s game will be a blast from the past for both opponents. The teams know each other very well, as the Black Panthers have played in the top Austrian league, AFL for seven seasons, until two years ago.

Since breaking away from the AFL, Black Panthers have been an imposing team in the domestic league, decimating their opponents last season, continuing their act in week 1 of 2018 too. Black Panthers’ head coach, Daniel Levy will stick with the homegrown quarterback Jan Dundáček. Team’s pick in import players are running back William Young and defensive back Matthew Viñal.

SWARCO RAIDERS are going to be reminded of Prague spires, visiting their acquaintances again, this time in CEFL Championship. The Tirolers are rolling in their national league again this season with 3 wins already. They’ve crushed CEFL Bowl XI Champions, Graz Giants last week with the score 41-14.

Head coach Shuan Fatah has decided to resign quarterback Sean Shelton, who excelled in CEFL last season. His offensive weapons will be wide receivers Kyle Callahan, who’s coming for another stint and Patrick Donahue. Last season’s star running back, Sandro Platzgummer will also take the field. The leader in the defensive backfield will be DB, Marcus Bratton.

Fans will be able to watch both games live at the following webcasts:

Saturday, 14 April at 14:00 CET
Istanbul Koç Rams – Kragujevac Wild Boars
Watch it live on Rams TV

Sunday, 15 April at 14:00 CET
Prague Black Panthers – SWARCO RAIDERS
Watch it live on Twitch.tv