Crowning the European champion

The big finals of the European Club Team Competition (ECTC) are coming up this Saturday at 19:00 CET. The rivals are well known to football fans as well as to each other. Three time CEFL Champions, Swarco Raiders Tirol will play host to Dacia Vienna Vikings on the Tivoli stadium in Innsbruck to decide the best team on the continent in season 2019.

Thirteen teams from the list of European top 25 have participated in the contest, 7 of them in Sportklub CEFL, and the other 6 in IFAF-led leg of the competition. The Raiders have downed Thonon Black Panthers and Milan Seamen in the conference round, before facing Calanda Broncos in Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV.

At the same time the Swiss have bested Wroclaw Panthers, Istanbul Koc Rams and Kragujevac Wild Boars on their road to the bowl game. The Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV itself was an epic thriller and the Raiders have pulled a last-seconds win to lift the CEFL trophy for the third straight time.

Meanwhile, Vikings’ competition has consisted of Badalona Dracs, Triangle Razorbacks, Helsinki Roosters, Copenhagen Towers and Stockholm Mean Machines. The Vikings’ tradition and track record is second to none in Europe.

The all-Austrian rivalry will be live-streamed on Raiders TV