Istanbul Koç Rams — Wroclaw Panthers


Wrocław Panthers have shocked Koç Rams on the wings of their new QB Tony Dawson’s 8 touchdowns. A newcomer to Sportklub CEFL, he has divided his scores equally, 4 each by passing and rushing the ball, setting a new record in the Championship.

At moments it seemed like he played hide and seek with the Rams’ defense which came to the game blindfolded. Panthers’ offensive line also takes credit for this feat, putting their team back in the run for CEFL Bowl XIV participation after a loss in the first week.

The game was played in Istanbul at the Koç University’s main campus. In the night where nothing seemed to work for the home team, Rams are now 0-2 in the Eastern Conference of CEFL Championship.

Panthers have opened the game with a couple of rushes. Soon after, their QB, Tony Dawson finds Wiktor Zięba who escapes his defender and sprints for a 64 yard touchdown, 0-7.

Rams answer over the ground but their RB gets tackled for a loss and they’re forced to punt. Next, Dawson’s runs gain huge yardage for Panthers and he caps it off with a 6 yard rushing score, 0-13.

The home team is more effective this time, advancing the field with short passes by David Whipple, until Panthers’ Hubert Ogrodowczyk strips the ball from RB Darius Lewis and defense jumps on it.

The Poles are adamant to get points from the turnover. Dawson targets Zięba again for 45 yards, and rushes himself untouched through the middle for a 15 yard touchdown to raise the bar to 0-20.

Turkish utilize their aerial attack and get to opponent’s side of the field but Panthers’ penetrating front pushes them backwards.

After a punt return, the visitors are 35 yards away from the goal. This time Dawson locates Radim Kalous on a skinny post for an easy pitch and catch score, 0-27.

Desperate to get his offense going, Whipple throws as he’s chased out of the pocket. The ball is intercepted by Panthers’ Kamil Ruta and his team’s offensive unit takes over at midfield.

Dawson throws into double coverage but the ball finds its way into Kalous’ hands again as he falls in the end zone for a half time score of 0-34.

Third period brings nothing new. Whipple is intercepted right off the bat by Panthers’ Daniel Piątkowski who advances the ball near the goal line. Dawson takes it in for the unattainable 0-41.

Teams trade punts taking time off the clock. Rams’ effective plays are few and far between, but Orhun Akbudak changes that by stripping the ball from Panthers’ RB Paweł Barul. Rams take over at their 37 yard line but after a 3&out they have to punt.

Dawson wants the ball for himself and punches another one in for 8 yards and the score is 0-48.

Finally, Rams respond with a touchdown as they end their next drive. Whipple launches a rocket to Kris Wedderburn for a 67 yard shot play and their only points in the game, 7-48.

They try for the onside kick but the Panthers get the ball at the short side of the field. Dawson zips a pass to Philipp Blechinger who falls inches shy of the end zone. Three plays later same duo makes amends for the closing points in the game 7-55.

The MVP of the game is Panthers’ new QB Tony Dawson who takes home a Xenith helmet as an award for his stellar performance.

Both teams end regular season in two weeks when Panthers will try to come on top of the Eastern Conference standings as they welcome Kragujevac Wild Boars. In their quest for CEFL Bowl XIV they’ll need Rams’ help when the Turkish team travels to play Calanda Broncos and tries to get their first win of the season.



Date Time League Season
27 April 2019 18:30 Eastern Conference 2019


Istanbul Koç Rams00077Loss
Wroclaw Panthers132171455Win