Swarco Raiders Tirol — Dacia Vienna Vikings


Photo: Bernhard Hörtnagl

In the final game of the European Club Team Championship that took place on the Tivoli stadium in Innsbruck, Swarco Raiders Tirol have triumphed over Dacia Vienna Vikings. Easier than expected, they’ve captured the title of the best team on the continent for the second straight season, after beating Copenhagen Towers last year.

Their quarterback Sean Shelton has posted 4 touchdowns, 2 rushing and 2 passing to Adrian Platzgummer. Defensive unit was up to the challenge as well, limiting the Vikings to only 10 points for the night.

First Raiders’ drive is all about Tobias Bonatti who moves the chains down after down. He finally breaks through the middle for a 22 yard touchdown, 7-0.

The Vikings try to respond over the ground but can’t get their offense in gear and the home team has the ball back at their own 40 yards.

Patrick Donahue hauls in a pass for big yards. Sandro Platzgummer carries the ball near the goal line and QB Sean Shelton punches it in for another score, 14-0.

Vikings’ Andrew Spencer pushes ahead for first down and they break into opposing territory but have to punt.

Donahue gets ahead of the chains on two passing plays and his team is 25 yards away from pay dirt. Shelton hits Adrian Platzgummer who gets it there, 21-0.

Ensuing kickoff is returned by Spencer to the Raiders’ side of the field. QB Austin Herink locates Bernhard Seikovits for first down and Amadeus Kappel kicks a 34 yd field goal, 21-3.

Raiders start the drive deep in their backfield. Platzgummer brothers keep the chains moving before Adrian catches a 40 yard lob from Shelton and takes it to the house, 28-3.

In the second half Vikings’ offense still can’t find their rhythm and they punt. Shelton employs Donahue and Sandro for first down passes. On the next fourth down, Sheltonsprints through the middle for 16 yards and another score, 35-3.

Visitors’ next series is ineffective as well and they punt once more. Their defense fairs better, stopping the next drive by the Raiders, who have to punt for the first time.

Vikings’ QB Herink links up with Christoph Engleder for first down and they seem to get going but need to punt again after a few penalties. The Raiders are stopped too and punt from their end zone.

Finally, Herink dials up and Spencer for a 20 yard pass and he comes up with the ball in the Raiders’ end zone for 35-10.

Raiders bleed the clock and punt. Vikings’ Marko Gagic rushes for a couple of first downs and his team gets the last chance to score from the Raiders’ 2 yards but Herink’s pass is incomplete.

The game MVP is Tobias Bonatti who had a great performance in the first half.



Date Time League Season
29 June 2019 19:00 Superfinal 2019


Swarco Raiders Tirol14147035Win
Dacia Vienna Vikings030710Loss