Wroclaw Panthers — Calanda Broncos


Rainy night on Olympic stadium in Wroclaw saw the home team Panthers greet the visitors from Switzerland, Calanda Broncos.

Broncos had the ball first but went nowhere and punted, and the Panthers mirrored them.

The visitors attack again, when QB Conner Manning sees Severin Murk open for big yards. He tries to shoot for the end zone from there but they turn over on downs.

Panthers QB Chris Forcier rushes for 30 yards but falls on his right shoulder and is reportedly done for the season. Bartosz Dziedzic takes over as snap-caller but can’t move the ball and his team puts up the first points with a field goal 3-0.

Broncos’ WR Andri Murk’s number gets called and he takes it all the way for 66 yards, 3-7.

Trying to answer, Dziedzic scrambles backwards and gives up ground so Panthers punt.

Running back Tino Muggwyler runs for 33 yards when the Broncos get the ball back. Manning and Murk connect again, this time for a touchdown 3-13.

Panthers seem determined to prove they can win without their import quarterback as Dziedzic lobs it deep to Wiktor Zięba for 26 yards and then stretches his legs to cross midfield. Still, he tries to do too much, gets strip-sacked and the ball is recovered by the Swiss.

Manning puts it in the air where only Lukas Lütscher can get it for another touchdown 3-20.

When they get it again, Broncos opt for the ground work, taking time off the clock. This sets up a long passing play and they get in front of the end zone. Manning sneaks in right before the intermission for the final score 3-27.

In the second half teams take turns but their offensive attempts are toothless. The Broncos don’t mind though as they get home with a big win.

MVP Xenith helmet was awarded to Calanda Broncos’ LB Marco Mahrer.



Date Time League Season
13 April 2019 19:00 Eastern Conference 2019


Wroclaw Panthers30003Loss
Calanda Broncos7200027Win