Regular season windup

The last week of the regular season in Sportklub CEFL Championship brings two games on Saturday. Western Conference will close with the matchup between Thonon Black Panthers and Milan Seamen. In the final game of the Eastern Conference Calanda Broncos will greet Kragujevac Wild Boars. There’s no doubt both contests will be exciting, but only one of them will have implications on the composition of Xenith CEFL Bowl XIV.

Thonon Black Panthers – Milan Seamen
18:00 CET, Saturday, 25 May, Stade Joseph Moynat, Thonon les Bains
Watch the live stream here

The champion of the Western Conference has been decided previously, after Swarco Raiders beat both Saturday’s rivals. They have dealt a 41-7 blow to the Black Panthers and triumphed over Seamen in Milan with 50-23. Now Black Panthers will play host to Seamen to decide the second spot in the standings. While things are very much straightforward there, Eastern Conference playoff picture is somewhat complicated.

Calanda Broncos – Kragujevac Wild Boars
18:00 CET, Saturday, 25 May, Sportplatz Ringstrasse, Chur
Watch the live stream here

Wrocław Panthers and Istanbul Koç Rams have played all of their regular season games. The Panthers are 2-1, and still have a chance to place in the finals, and the Rams are out with 0-3. Meanwhile, the Broncos and the Wild Boars have played two games each. The Broncos are unbeaten with a 2-0 record, and the Wild Boars are 1-1, and both have a shot to join the Raiders. In case the Broncos beat the Wild Boars, they go straight through, and if they lose, one of the other two teams will advance. A miracle will be needed for the Wild Boars, because they’ll need a win by 86+ points difference. If they win by a smaller margin, the Panthers will place in the bowl game.