The Boars overcome

photo: Wild Boars

The PBB Kragujevac Wild Boars recaptured the top of the standings, at least for now, beating the Ljubljana Silverhawks 27-13 at home on Saturday. The Wild Boars overcame the loss of their starting quarterback Stan Bedwell, with Stefan Stefanović now leading the way.

Bedwell’s injury was apparently severe enough that he left the team, but it looks like the team is in good hands. The Boars won a strange game, a defense dominated first half, where they even went down 0-7, but in the end had quite a confortable lead.

Keith Lockwood hit Jernej Pavlič to open the scoring in the second quarter, but then the young Stefanović took over. He connected with Henry McVay for the first of their three touchdowns before the half. In the second half, the duo gave the Wild Boars the lead, before it was increased on another pass from Stefanović, this time to Nikola Simović in the fourth quarter.

The home team wrapped things up with another touchdown catch by McVay. It was all too late for the reigning champions, as they only managed to reduce the lead. The final score was 27-13, with Lockwood finding Matic Tomše.