Sunday, June 25, 2023
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Doubleheader in CEFL Cup

The goodies of CEFL Cup are twinned on Saturday, when Kranj Alp Devils play host to Zagreb Patriots in the Western group, while in the Eastern, Sirmium Legionaries meet Indjija Indians.

The Alp Devils are a leading team in the Western Conference with a 2-0 score, contrariwise to the Patriots’ 0-2. Looks can be deceiving though, as the Patriots are still the champions of last season’s Central Conference, the progenitor of CEFL Cup. This is their last chance to hold on to their former glory, because all options are still open. The odds are stacked against them it seems, judging by the score of the first game between these two teams in Zagreb which ended with a three touchdown difference. Even so, the Alp Devils won’t be lulled to sleep by the outcome of their past encounter, as they will look to put the more space between themselves and Sarajevo Spartans who are in second place with 1-1.

A much different picture is the matchup in the Eastern group, with both teams fighting to escape rock bottom. The game in Sremska Mitrovica will be played in the Serbian national league, and the score will be acknowledged in CEFL Cup too. Both the Legionaries and the Indians have lost their train for the first spot. They are neck and neck with 0-2 score and this game will decide who plays for the fifth place and who is left in the seventh spot. The upshot is anyone’s guess as these two neighboring teams’ mainsprings are hard to tell. That sweetens the deal for their fans who will give them a lift to have the bragging rights until next season.


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