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CEFL Cup refueled

After a couple of seasons of hiatus induced by well-known factors, the CEFL Cup is making a comeback in 2022. Five new teams are joining CEFL for the first time and one notable name will try out the Cup. All participants have topped their national leagues last season ensuring the strength of this year’s CEFL Cup tournament.

The competition will be played in 2 groups with the following participants:

Northern Group
– Tychy Falcons, Polish vice-champions
– Vysočina Gladiators, Czech champions
– Prague Lions, Czech vice-champions

Southern Group
– Fehervar Enthroners, Hungarian vice-champions
– Banat Bulls, Serbian vice-champions
Kragujevac Wild Boars, Serbian semifinalists and long-time participants of CEFL Championship

During the regular season each team will play 2 games and only against the rivals from their own group, one home and one away. The matchups will take place on the following dates:

Northern Group matchups
17 April  Vysočina Gladiators – Prague Lions
23 April  Prague Lions – Tychy Falcons
21 May  Tychy Falcons – Vysočina Gladiators

Southern Group matchups
23 April  Kragujevac Wild Boars – Fehervar Enthroners
30 April  Banat Bulls – Kragujevac Wild Boars
14 May  Fehervar Enthroners – Banat Bulls

CEFL Cup final game
28 May  Host will be decided during the season

Due to uncertainty with the pandemic and teams’ national league obligations, dates of individual games may be subject to rescheduling.

It’s fantastic to see CEFL going back to a two-competition format again this season. With 13 teams already aligned to play the CEFL Championship and 6 contestants in the CEFL Cup, the number of participants will hit record numbers.

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